Friday, September 27, 2013

The Need for Executive Assessments

Any decision regarding engagements, staffing and positioning of senior managers and executives has extensive consequences and strategic impact on the organization.

But a problem is that you can only see if an engagement decision was right after considerable time, because it takes a long time before the results will become visible and in many cases executives and the organizations they work for harvest the outcomes of their activities considerably time-shifted. Typically months or even years have passed by.

With rising level of the position, competencies such as analytic skills, strategic thinking, management competencies, customer orientation, social competencies, entrepreneurial thinking are getting more important for the aptitude appraisal and the engagement decision.

That's why conducting executive assessments using simulations instead of just using a self-report by the candidate before you decide if a candidate is capable and will be successful is a good idea. Such approach is much more reliable than a traditional interview process.